Landlord locks tenants in Orchard Rd apartment over rental dispute

Snippet from AsiaOne
Wednesday, Sep 28, 2011

SINGAPORE – Tenants in an Orchard Road apartment found themselves locked in on the morning of Sept 26, when they tried to leave for work.

A bicycle lock had been secured around the gate, leaving them trapped at home.

According to a reader, Ong, who wrote in to citizen journalism site, Stomp, the situation arose from a dispute between the tenants and landlord.

The tenants had refused to pay rent as the landlord did not want to repair the defects that were found in the house.

The dispute has been ongoing for two months and the tenants owed two months' in rent. Ong's friend is one of the tenants.

According to Ong, the landlord had gone to the apartment on Sunday night at around 11pm and rang the doorbell.

But the tenants did not open the door for him as he seemed angry.

"The next morning, around 8am, they found their gate locked with a bicycle chain and a large padlock," said Ong.

The tenants called the police and the landlord eventually admitted that he did it. They were freed at about 11am the same morning.

"Can a landlord lock a tenant in the house? What rights do the tenants have in such a situation?" asked Ong.

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