Property Management – Enhancing your estate value

This is our motto for our property management line of business. A well maintained estate holds its investment value for the owners and is a comfortable place. Neighbour relations tend to be good. Owners find the estate a welcome after a hard day’s work. All these are only possible if the estate is run by :-

  • a professional team;
  • a strong and visionary Management Council;
  • a professional and competent Managing Agent &;
  • meticulous supporting teams like the cleaning team, security and technical team.

Our company provides management services for condominiums and apartments. With a team of qualified people, we help to make your estate a nicer place to live in.

The following video presents our company and our property management services:-


Some of the services we provide are as follows :-

  • Annual General Meeting (AGM) & Extraordinary General Meeting (EOGM)
  • Statutory compliance, especially the Building Maintenance and Strata Management Act 2004
  • Management of tenders
  • Management of the supporting teams – cleaning, landscaping, security and technical etc
  • Implementation of By-laws
  • Quarterly billing, arrears recovery and maintenance of financial books
  • Audit and fraud prevention


For your convenience and to support our work, we have the following infrastructure :-

  • Condominium web presence
  • Qualified team & organisation
  • Finetuned office processes
  • Special initiatives to enhance the value of the estate

If you are interested in finding out what we can do for you, please call :-

Will Tan (Mr.)
Field Operations
Property Management
Handphone : +65-91087830

Alternatively, you could fill in the form below and click “Submit”. We will be in contact with you on your enquiry. Thank you.

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