Minimum Energy Performance Standards

With effect from September 1, 2011, all importers and manufacturers who supply registrable household air-conditioners and refrigerators in Singapore must register with the National Environment Agency (NEA).

With this requirement, all registrable air-conditioners and refrigerators supplied in Singapore must meet minimum energy efficiency standards that are prescribed in the Environment Protection and Management (Energy Conservation) Regulations.

This is a very good step forward by the NEA and should be applauded. The requirement prevents the manufacturers from dumping energy inefficient products in Singapore and also helps to reduce Singapore's carbon footprint since we use gas and oil to fuel our power generators. At the same time, we are doing our bit for the environment with less green house gases. But most important of all, Singapore consumers can enjoy savings in energy costs.

So, from September 1 onwards, if you are changing your air-conditioner, washer, dryer or hair dryer, ask if the equipment has the following energy label :-

More information on the minimum energy performance standards is in the NEA website.










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