CEA investigating 20 cases for possible infringement of guidelines

Snippet from xinMSN
September 1, 2011

One month after its new guidelines on ethical advertising came into effect, The Council for Estate Agents or CEA said it is investigating 20 cases for possible infringement. 

CEA's Director for Regulatory Control, Mr Lee Say Kee said dummy ads, which advertise fictional properties or properties which do not have the owner's consent remain the most serious.

"Among these complaints, the most serious are dummy ads, ads (where there) isn't any consent from the owner, so how can the salesperson claim to advertise on behalf of the owner? So this is misleading and we will take the salesperson to task after we have done the proper checks."

Others include advertisements that omit important information such as the salesperson's registration and contact numbers. 

CEA also said it has an in-house team to scan online property portals, classified ads and flyers. 

But about half the cases under investigation are from complaints from the public. 

The Council said the larger agencies have put in place checks on their sales agents, but there remain concerns over smaller estate agencies. 

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