Maintenance Fees

All estates in Singapore, whether public housing or private, pay maintenance fees. This maintenance fees are used for the day by day upkeep of the estate. The maintenance fees are used to pay the cleaners, security guards, swimming pool cleaners, pest control, electricity / water used & refuse collection. Some small repairs and touch up work fall into this too.

A small estate would normally have a smaller overall amount of maintenance fees. Correspondingly, the amount of maintenance work and staff required is also less. A small estate would not have the economies of scale for a lot of infrastructure. Example would be a shuttle bus service to the MRT station. A small estate, on the other hand, would be cosier and most owners know each other.

For those who want an estate with a lot facilities, they should purchase a big estate. Big estates would normally have more facilities. Given the economies of scale, the maintenance fees per apartment may be lower than a small estate. The overall maintenance fees managed by the Management Council would be bigger and the complexity of operations increased due to the larger amount of facilities.

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