Managing condominium maintenance costs

In our discussions with MCST council members, one big bug point keeps popping up. It is the escalation of maintenance costs.

In the current inflationary environment, maintenance costs have been rising steadily. Materials seemed more costly, labour is short and each repair job seems to be more expensive than the one before. Every year, the cleaners need a pay rise to cope with the inflation, similarly the security and the pest control people etc.

What the council members do not want is having to revert back to the owners during the AGM for a higher maintenance fees. In fact, no one likes to pay more for maintenance.

How can the MCST work to reduce the maintenance costs when the cost of everything is going up? There are not many options open to the MCST to address the cost inflation. Some obvious actions normally taken would be to reduce the operating hours of the pumps for water feature or reducing the lighting to the barest necessary.

What do you think the MCSTs can do to hold down the escalating maintenance costs? We would like to hear from you.

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