Condo woes

Snippet from the New Paper :-

By Lediati Tan
Sun, Sep 19, 2010

HE MOVED in to stay with his girlfriend at her condominium unit, which she shares with her parents.

But because of a dispute over paperwork, he has problems getting the management at Landmark Tower on Chin Swee Road to recognise him as a resident there.

As a result, Mr DL Wong, 33, can't park his car in the residents' lots. He has to park it at the visitors' lots.

That means he also has to pay $5 if he parks overnight from midnight to 6am, Mondays to Thursdays.

And he has to register himself as a visitor each time he arrives at the condo.

Twice, when he didn't do so, the management called the police and accused him of trespassing.

They also wheel-clamped his car once, late last month,when he spent a night there.

Said Mr Wong: "Why are they making life so difficult for the residents?

"It becomes very tiring. I want to come home to my home and not a war zone."

But the condo's property officer,Mr Christopher Lim, 46, said Mr Wong was not a resident because he had not updated his "residential status" with the condo.

To do this, he had to either inform the management in writing with a photocopy of his IC carrying his address at Landmark Tower or show the tenancy agreement if he is a tenant, he said.

Mr Wong, who owns a food business, claimed he had already done that. The management insisted he hadn't.

Mr Wong said his woes started when he moved into his girlfriend's apartment in June.

Police called in

Things came to a boil when Mr Lim called the police on him for trespassing on Aug 24 and 25.

After the first incident, Mr Wong said he went to a police station and got the address on his IC changed to Landmark Tower.

But the management said they were not informed.

Mr Lim said Mr Wong's car was wheel-clamped as it was the third time he had failed to sign in as a visitor and failed to register his vehicle with the management.

Mr Wong disputed this, saying: "I was not told that I have to update my residential status until they wheel-clamped my car."

Mr Wong said he tried to resolve the parking issue by getting his girlfriend to write in to the management to apply for a vehicle access card for his car.

His first application in late July was rejected because his IC and the printout of his vehicle registration details did not carry his address as Landmark Tower.

He claimed that he resubmitted his application in late August with the updated address but has not heard from the management since.

Parties to resolve issue

Mr Lim claimed that he had not received this application.

The two parties are expected to meet to try to resolve the issue.

A check with other condo managements showed that residents are typically defined as the owner and his immediate family, or if the unit is rented out, as the tenant and his immediate family as well.

Anyone outside that circle is not considered a resident.

But different condos have different rules on whether residents have to register with their condos' management.

Occupiers who are not immediate family members are usually not issued carpark labels.

But from a customer service point of view, the council members are advised to grant a temporary carpark label if there are sufficient lots available and the person is known to be genuinely staying at the unit.


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