Forming a MCST

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What is a MCST?

MCST is the short form of Management Corporation Strata Title Plan No. XXXX. This is the description for an organisation formed to manage an estate. The “XXXX” is a set of numerals given in successive order by the government. For example, Management Corporation Strata Title Plan No. 4120 refers to the organisation managing the estate “The Interlace”.

When is a MCST formed?

A MCST is normally formed when the developer reaches the end stage of a new real estate development. The need for a management organisation is there by then. The law provides that the developer has to form a MCST within 2 months from the date of Temporary Occupation Permit (TOP)  issued by the Building Control Authority (BCA). Owners of a newly TOP condominium do not need to be involved in the formation of a MCST as this is the task of the developer.

Who manages the MCST?

Initially the MCST would be managed by the developer who will oversee all the matters of the estate. This includes the daily cleaning, repairs, pest control etc. However, upon the conclusion of the 1st AGM, the management of the estate is handed over to the owners. The owners will elect among themselves a group of volunteers who will be Management Council members. Among these Management Council members, they will elect a Chairman, a Secretary and a Treasurer.

What does the MCST consist of?

MCSTs normally comprises of a Management Council and often, a Managing Agent. The Managing Agent is an agent (or delegated party) of the Management Council to handle the day to day tasks of the estate. The role of the Management Council is to create the vision, the strategies/direction for the estate and ensure the proper management of it. The Managing Agent is the “hands and legs” of the Management Council. In most cases, a lot of the responsibilities are delegated down to the Managing Agent to execute.

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