Condominium relations

While it is rare, once in a while we may get a condominium having 2 factions. This sometimes happen when an en-bloc exercise is going through. Some residents may not want to sell as the proceeds may not get them a decent unit of the same size in the same locality they are so used to. Other residents would want to cash out their units at the better price obtained in an en-bloc against what they may get if sold individually.

Most condominiums are harmonious although occasionally the residents may not be happy with the way the condominium is run. Most of the time, the residents just let live and ignore the "irritant". Once in a while, however, the unhappiness result in a change of chairman during the AGM. This is the beauty of the AGMs – it allows the unhappy residents to change their council members in a democratic way.

In Singapore, most people shy away from the volunteer work of being a council member or Chairman / Secretary or Treasurer. Their commitments to their family, children and work are already taxing enough.

So, in the more matured estates, one would see retirees in the council. This is great as retirees generally bring with them a lot of experience from their years at work & this volunteer work allows them to exercise their grey matter & contribute. Most of them also know what works and what do not, saving the condominium money. In fact, the best part is that these council members are generally better at human relations & help promote great condominium relations.

So, for buyers of apartments or condominiums, when you consider a place to call home, do consider the estate relations. It will be your joy to live in a place where the neighbours are at peace with each other & the place run by competent / experienced people.

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